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Student Check In

Organizing Students at Registration

A paper sign-in sheet just isn’t enough to handle the volume of students and it’s hard to justify a person dedicated to greeting people upon arrival. Student Check In will alleviate the line by creating virtual queues based on the need. Organizing into queues will communicate the needs of students to each department whereby staff can respond directly.

Student Check In is an easy and fast queuing system

Student Check In is HIPAA compliant and provides privacy for both student and practice

HIPAA Compliance

Privacy for both school and student are crucial to student confidence. A paper sign in sheet exposes information. Student Check In collects information without allowing the public to see any private information.

Student Check In accurately time stamps each student arrival


When students sign in using a paper sign in sheet, they often estimate, fudge or even lie about the time they arrived. With Student Check In you get legible names and accurate time stamps for every stage of the visit.

Student Check In organizes students into an easy check list display


Student Check In automatically sorts and organizes students into a check list style display. Organize your students with up to 16 departments and 16 reasons per department. The student list becomes a checklist for staff.

Kiosk ScreenShots

Available for Apple iPad or PC Touch Screen

Student Check In kiosk screen one asks for the student name

Ask for Name

Legible Names
No Card to Maintain
Standard Keyboard Layout
Student Check In kiosk screen two asks for the student id number

Ask for ID

Optional Screen
Accepts Alpha Numeric
Standard Keyboard Layout
Student Check In kiosk screen three asks the reason for visit

Ask For Reason

One Touch Button
Up to 16 Choices

Student Information is organized
and sent to your desktop as a check list

Sample Desktop Student List for Queuing

This is one of the screens your staff can use to view and check off students as they arrive

Student Check In Standard display screen

We automatically include the BAA required by HIPAA Rules

Best in Privacy

One of the only HIPAA Compliant Systems

In compliance with HIPAA Regulations, our system provides you with a BAA from the moment you login. All our systems are encrypted at rest and in motion. We actively track and maintain the policies and procedures required by HIPAA & HITECH

Free Training Included

Unlimited Support & Training

We are happy to you get started and get the most from Student Check In. As soon as your system is setup, we can schedule a short training call to walk you and your team through setup and the daily usage of our system. During this call you can ask questions, tailor the system to your business and get a real feel for how it's going to help organize students.

Talk with live people for Training & Support

Student Check In comes with Free Training and unlimited support to follow

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